LORD  my  God,  I  called  to  you  for  help,  and you  healed  me  –  Psalm 30:2


As the waves of the ocean toss and often break sea shells washing them to the shore, we can come to a place where we feel like we are washed up on the shores of life, broken and hurting.

We were not created to be broken and hopeless. We were made for so much more. We do not have to remain in the broken shell condition.

There is hope. There is healing. There is restoration that can bring us back to the whole person we were created to be.

We are of great worth to our heavenly Father who wants to give us understanding, save us, heal us. God looks at us through eyes of perfect love and wants us to be what He created us to be – restored to Him in a personal relationship and whole.


No matter where you are in life, if you don’t know anything about a personal relationship with your heavenly Father or if you have walked with Him for years, Broken Shells Ministry is available to meet you where you are in life.

We are a biblically based ministry wanting to bring an understanding of the simplicity of salvation, the beauty of a relationship with God, and restoration to be whole through the love of Jesus Christ.

It is our heartfelt prayerful desire for all broken people to become whole.

We too were once broken shells of a person, but now walk in a personal relationship with our heavenly Father through His son Jesus and have received wholeness and restoration through the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

Ray and Theresa Noland

Ray and Theresa Noland

Broken Shells Ministry Leaders

We, along with others that have experienced what it means to be a broken shell of a person want to share what God has done for us. We pray that you will allow us to share with you the truth that can take a broken shell and make it whole.

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What I learned through Broken Shells Ministries HAS HELPED. More than helped, it has changed my life in Christ from one of desperately trying and failing to live up to God’s grace to one of accepting God’s grace and HIS love for me. – Lori
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