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Blessings in the Name of the Lord and welcome to the Broken Shells Ministry website. God placed this ministry in downtown Murphy for everyone to experience the Love and Peace that only comes from Him. I wanted to provide a testimony of how we got to this point of ministry. I accepted Jesus many years ago in the greatest miracle of my life, a transition from eternal separation from God to eternal life with God, my heavenly Father, Jesus my personal Savior King, and my greatest teacher and comforter, the Holy Spirit. My journey has traveled many moments, thoughts, lessons, and battles. I have struggled throughout my testimony of life with the very things that non-believers struggle with, but I had Jesus….right….so why did I have the same struggles….why was I not an overcomer? I did not know my true identity in Christ.

So much happens when a non-believer accepts Jesus as they become a new person in Christ. We have three enemies we face as Christians, the world, our flesh, and the devil. The resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead flows through our spiritual veins. No longer condemned or judged from our past or anything eternally, we are eternally secure with Jesus. Not based on what we do or have done but what we already are, a child of God. We have embraced Freedom in Jesus Christ because that is the abundant life he gives to each of us that receives him as Lord and Savior. No longer a sinner saved by grace, we are Saints. Because we live in a fallen world with a rebellious flesh, we occasionally sin but our identity is in Christ. Through repentance, we are cleaned from all unrighteousness resulting in being clean before our Lord. The new testament identifies believers as Saints over two hundred times. Unfortunately, many churches do not teach this truth about our identity in Jesus, that we really are loved unconditionally. No longer a slave to fear, we are children of God. It’s about a relationship and not performance or achievement. Jesus did it all. No more Fear and that is huge. So having said this, I am a child of God. He loves me completely and I cannot alter or lose His love for me. I’m adopted and cannot be unadopted.

So we provide Bible studies in Freedom in Christ as well as other disciple classes. We meet people where they are at and love them. We listen to their hurts and haunting pasts and love them. We encourage them to find Jesus and experience a relationship like no other. One on one counseling and encouragement is offered. Music is always lifting up the name of Jesus. We feed the hungry and the Lord always has a cup of tea or coffee for everyone that enters His sanctuary of peace. When I enter Broken Shells Ministry, it is God parting the waters in Murphy. We have a wonderful team that volunteers their gifts and time. There is no cost to what we provide as we minister totally on donations. There additionally is no paid staff resulting in all donations going toward ministry. We encourage believers to live their freedom and return to church to serve Jesus. To live their faith in victory. Come by and taste and see that the Lord is good.

May God Bless You!!!

Ray Noland, President
Broken Shells Ministry


Outreach Ministry, Palawan Philippines: “Thank-you so much for your continued support of the ministry here. We used the money you sent to help pay for the building materials that we used at our camp. God Bless.”

– Scott Taylor


I am so grateful that our Lord directed my husband and me there that morning. I started attending a Bible study entitled, “Bondage Breakers”, led by Ray and Theresa Noland.s and had been giving the enemy of our soul all these years. I was beginning to understand why I felt no true joy in my life. I was starting to feel hope again.

– Elsa Vick


What I learned through Broken Shells Ministries HAS HELPED. More than helped, it has changed my life in Christ from one of desperately trying and failing to live up to God’s grace to one of accepting God’s grace and HIS love for me.

– Lori


I am a life that has been changed through my connection and experience with Ray and Theresa Noland. It began about 5 years ago and it initially started as a friendship that grew until they became my discipleship partners. At the onset of our friendship back in 2007 I was 23 years old, a young and wounded man with a desire to seek and know God. I believe that desire was the initial attraction and our connection was something the Spirit forged very quickly. Now 5 years later, I can say that I feel like I have lived a lifetime and matured more than I could have ever have imagined.

– Mark Gerbino


I heard about Broken Shells Ministry when my husband was taken through the Freedom Steps by Ray and Theresa Noland. At that time, I thought he needed that, and not me because he was suffering from childhood abuse and strongholds from his past. Theresa suggested for me to also take the class, read Victory over Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. I did it to mostly support my husband. I was blown away as I realized I needed to be free from all the things in my life that were keeping me in bondage and not allowing me to grow in my walk in Christ.

– Lennae Meddaugh


Broken Shells Ministry has been a blessing in my life. I have found direction, encouragement, and focus to keep on the path of following Christ as I rewire my life at 65 years old. After being on the fourth layoff list of the Space Program in Jan 2011 I volunteered for layoff. I found myself after a 32 year IT career trying to figure out what God wanted me to do next. I married David Cordrey in Oct 2011 and moved to Brasstown, NC away from all that was familiar to me. The Lord showed me he was going to bring new people into my life to love and serve.

– Maggie Cordrey


The Freedom in Christ curriculum is refreshing, life changing, and most important applicable to our walk-in relationships with Christ – I am a child of God.

– Mark Styles


The Two classes I’ve taken are “Freedom from Fear” and “Victory over Darkness”.  My life has been changed, and my faith in God has been elevated beyond my expectations!

– Gail England


Neil T. Anderson‘s “Victory over the Darkness” has changed my life through a spiritual process of healing. This class is taught on the deepest level, deeper level and is amazingly refreshing!!  I’m grateful and desire more of this ministry”

– Denise Piccoli


Victory over Darkness Class has had an immediate effect of my Christian walk to freedom in Christ. Thank you for blessing us with your teachings of the truth.

– James Patterson


A simple post on Facebook late one night asked “are you broken?”. I thought, more than you could ever know. As I sat with with my whiskey in hand I thought yes, I am more broken than you will ever know. Something led me to reach out to this add through messenger. The next morning I awoke to an alert on my phone, it was a gentleman replying to my message that I sent the night before. He invited me to come in and talk. I reluctantly drove to the unassuming old building. As I pulled up I saw the sign “ Broken Shells Ministry” I thought to myself, what are you doing, these folks can’t help you. You are too broken.  I entered and sat down with Ray. As he began to speak with a soft quite tone, I immediately felt safe. I explained to him I’m not a Christian and don’t really care for that type of stuff. You see I’m a retired State Trooper, and a former Army Ranger, and on top of that I’ve done time in prison. My former wife committed suicide and I’ve just seen too much bad stuff. Besides that I like my alcohol and cigarettes, so church life ain’t for me. He grinned, and said he understood and started to tell me about his life and I soon saw that we had much in common. At the end of our meeting Ray asked one simple question…

“what are you looking for?”

My simple answer.. Peace, Ray I just want peace.

I met with Ray several more times and begin a friendship that would prove to last a lifetime.

I was entrusted/included in the renovation and building of the new location of Broken Shells, during this time I would meet many others with stories similar to mine. These people and this place became my family, a place I had to visit daily, for my dose of brotherhood and peace.

Theresa, Ray’s wife started encouraging me to look into numerous classes offered nightly by the ministry through Freedom in Christ. My wife and I started attending these classes. I was very reluctant because I knew that this would bring to the surface many emotions that were going to be painful.

After several months of classes and a few meltdowns I began to deal with my anger, pain, anxiety and addictions. I became open and willing to help others , I felt the need to share what was happening to me.

Ray, Theresa, and many others of Broken Shells Ministry truly led me out of a dangerously dark time in my life and taught me many coping mechanisms, along with Freedom in Christ that I was a Sinner Truly Saved by Grace.

-Jay Jenkins

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