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The first time we recognized that God had something special for us to do was on a beautiful sunny day in Passagrille Beach, Florida.  Ray and I had taken a few days to just relax and get away from the mountains. As I walked looking for shells, and Ray laid lazily on the sand I asked the Lord to help me find “a perfect, beautiful” shell just like Him. I reached down to pick up a shell to only find it was broken as I went to throw it into the water, I felt in my spirit the Lord say I was broken for you. I thought yes you were Lord, thank you. I brought the shell to my chest and decided I needed to keep this broken shell.

A little later I picked another shell up only to see a hole right through the middle of it again as I went to throw it back, a sense of I was pierced for you by this time I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I held that broken shell tightly.

I continued my walk on the beach now using these two broken shells to speak to some ladies that were doing the same thing I had been doing seeking shells.

Time after time none of the ladies that I spoke to regarding these broken shells, that now had become treasures to me, seemed to understand that I was sharing God with them through these broken shells. I remember asking God ”Does anyone on this beach know about you”?  It was at that moment that in my heart and in my spirit, the words came “Broken Shells Ministry.”

Walking and wondering what it meant, I went back to Ray who was coming out of the water. I shared with him my broken shell story as he pulled from his pocket a perfectly beautiful whole shell, identical to my broken shell but whole.

From that moment on we began to pray and pray and pray about how we could use these broken shells and the perfect shell to share Jesus.

Now we know. “Broken Shells Ministry” to the honor and glory of the One who has taken our brokenness and made us whole!

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